We love entrepreneurial simmer to start stories and Miriam and Rodolfo Stefano are just such restaurateurs. Their Tuscan style pork country lasagna won them a loyal following at the Historic Longview Farmers Market which sparked the lovely brick and mortar venue that is now Tuscan Pig. The Stefanos handpick locally sourced ingredients and their pastas are made by hand. It is hard to pass up our favorite TP sandwich, The Tuscan Pork, with shaved Asiago, red onion marinated in lemon juice, and chipotle parmesan, so we invite lots of friends and beg bites so that we can expand our Tuscan taste repertoire. To make up for our shameless mooching, we treated the table with an appetizer plate, Italian Artisan bread, Mascarpone cheese, garlic spread, and sautéed tomato pesto, which we heartily endorse. A younger diner earned dessert by finishing her mac and cheese, corkscrew pasta (which is apparently “more fun” than the ubiquitous elbow macaroni with House Creamy Cheese Sauce and bacon. Our vegetarian friend was more than satisfied with her eggplant parmesan withs of fried eggplant, in house Ragù & house cheese mix. As dessert was earned it was incumbent upon our party t share desserts, the to die for. Limoncello Mascarpone Cake and mini-Cannoli