Just as we were bemoaning the high price of eating out, we wandered into a new take-out taco shop on Texas Avenue in Bryan. We emerged with four amply stuffed soft tacos, a hefty gordita, and change from our $20 bill. The line inside the shop was evidence that word has gotten out about this new third location of Tortilleria Mi Tierra (the other two being near downtown Bryan and in nearby Caldwell). Part counter service and part market, the shop makes everything in-house, from the soft flour tortillas to the many  salsas to the stacks of tamales. Along with toppings and side items, two slow-cooked meats were available for our tacos: pork carnitas and beef barbacoa. Both were melt-in-your-mouth tender, with plenty of flavor and minimal grease. Granted, our  CD-sized fried gordita was on the greasy side, but once we tasted the warm carnitas within, all was forgiven. Rather than the ground beef and chicken found in most Tex-Mex spots, Tortilleria Mi Tierra offers more authentic Mexican fare, such as menudo, nopales guisados (stewed cactus), and champurrado (a traditional chocolate drink). The restaurant is also open for breakfast and offers rotating daily specials.