Tucked in Preston Valley shopping center in North Dallas, this sushi and omakase restaurant is a great addition to the city’s growing Japanese food scene. The modern decor features lots of light-toned wood, a sleek sushi bar, and pretty, minimalist murals. Seafood offerings change daily with availability to showcase the freshest market finds, forming the backbone of Yūjō’s excellent nigiri sushi and sashimi program. Everything we ordered was beautifully plated, starting with Sake Belly—a shareable sashimi plate of rich sake (salmon) belly in a delicate Japanese mustard sauce. Besides hand rolls and traditional sushi—we loved the chutoro, the second-fattiest cut of bluefin tuna—there’s a menu of inventive nigiri sushi. Among the latter is luxurious Golden Seafoam, a seared Hokkaido scallop topped with foie gras, uni, and caviar, cradled in a nori square. This towering construction was designed to be consumed in one bite—and just barely fit in our mouth—but the stretch was worth it. If you’re exploring the hot plate menu, we suggest skipping the uni pasta and sticking to fish. The hamachi kama—juicy grilled yellowtail collar brushed with garlic sauce—was delicious. Yūjō’s omakase (chef’s choice) menus start at a reasonable $75 for 13 dishes and go up considerably.