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Rough Rider

Feb 24, 2016 By Lonn Taylor

On nineteenth-century Texas’s primitive roads, riding on a stage line was hardly a glamorous affair.

Chief Accessory

Dec 23, 2015 By Lonn Taylor

Though Quanah Parker and the way of life he represented is long gone, his headdress remains.

The Great Pyramide

Nov 18, 2015 By Lonn Taylor

A Christmas carousel built nearly a century and a half ago is a welcome reminder of Texas’s deep German heritage.

Sterling Success

Apr 9, 2015 By Lonn Taylor

A century ago, no battleship could do without a twelve-gallon silver punchbowl with matching cups and ladle.

Cadillac Dreams

Jan 9, 2015 By Lonn Taylor

When an oil well on Joe Bowers’s Panhandle property came in, he knew just what he wanted to buy.