Drug war

Breaking the Silence

Jan 30, 2015 By Eric Benson

Five Rio Grande Valley–based reporters talk about covering the drug war in Mexico over the past decade.

Is Cartel Violence Getting Too Close to the Border?

Jan 21, 2013 By Sonia Smith

A gunbattle in Piedras Negras, which killed a Mexican police officer, prompted American officials to close two bridges in the city. This comes less than a month after an El Paso woman was hit by a stray bullet shot from Juárez. 

Life in the “Deadliest Place in Mexico”

Jan 21, 2013 By Sonia Smith

The Texas Observer's Melissa del Bosque traveled to the Juárez Valley, where the murder rate is 1,600 people killed per 100,000 inhabitants, to report on the violent drug war gripping the region.