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Writer-at-large Eric Benson began contributing to Texas Monthly in 2014, covering politics, crime, and the U.S.-Mexico border and writing cover stories on everything from the supersized gas station chain Buc-ee’s to the Nobel Prize–winning immunologist James P. Allison. He is the cocreator of the Ambie Award–winning podcast series Suspect and host and lead reporter of the Apple TV+ podcast series Project Unabom.

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Wrangler Feedyard at Cactus Feeders
Food & Drink |
August 12, 2020

The Quest for Better Beef

Vegans want to end the killing of animals. Scientists say livestock are accelerating climate change. COVID-19 is ravaging meat-packers. Texas beef is under fire—but all across the industry, from the pasture to the butcher case, a vision of more sustainable burgers and briskets is beginning to come into focus.

Libations |
October 16, 2019

The Great Texas Whiskey Boom

A decade ago, there was no Texas whiskey. Today, the state’s craft distillers are making world-class bourbons and single malts—and slick imitators are trying to stake a claim.

Politics & Policy |
May 29, 2019

Who Counts?

Texas stands to lose a great deal if the 2020 Census doesn’t include every Texan—including congressional seats and billions in federal funding.

Health |
October 19, 2016

The Iconoclast

Jim Allison has always gone his own way—as a small-town-Texas kid who preferred books to football, and as a young scientist who believed the immune system could treat tumors when few others did. And that irreverence led him to find a potential cure for cancer.

The Culture |
July 20, 2016

Faith and Hope

The country’s largest group of Muslims live in Texas, yet many of them don’t feel welcome here. A few young and progressive leaders—like Irving imam Omar Suleiman—are working to change that.

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