Hurricane Ike

Food & Drink|
January 20, 2013

Consider the Oyster

If you’re a half shell fanatic like me, you’ll be just as alarmed as I was to hear that oystermen in Galveston Bay—the source of some of the country’s most delicious mollusks —are still struggling to make it after Hurricane Ike.

February 1, 2012

Galveston Makes Lemonade

After the island lost more than 35,000 trees to Hurricane Ike, a group of artists carved 35 stumps into beautiful and intricate sculptures.

Politics & Policy|
February 11, 2009

On Eiland Time

A renowned medical facilities consultant has recommended to the UT Board of Regents that UTMB’s inpatient hospital in Galveston—which was hit hard by Hurricane Ike— be mostly relocated to League City where it would be both easier to rebuild and more financially viable. Under this proposal, one of three options

Politics & Policy|
January 23, 2009

Ike Idiocy (from FEMA, of course)

A few minutes ago, I received an e-mail circulated by Bill King, formerly mayor of Kemah and a member of the governor’s Hurricane Ike commission. For FEMAphobes out there, I thought the bureaucratic SNAFU he describes is typical of what a completely screwed-up agency that is. Joe Albaugh, Bush’s chief

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