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Travel & Outdoors |
February 1, 1980

Flipping Out

When big-time gymnastics came to Fort Worth, half the contestants were steely-eyed little girls with the bodies of children and the wills of fanatics.

Sports |
November 1, 1979

Trial by Water

Marathon canoe racing is the toughest sport in Texas. It’s tougher than bull riding, more grueling than pro football. The canoeists say that’s why it’s fun.

Travel & Outdoors |
August 31, 1975

Mexico: An Introduction

Four hundred and fifty years ago Texas was claimed for Spain by an adventurer who was washed ashore, naked and starving, on the beach at Galveston. Cabeza de Vaca was promptly made a slave by the vile, cannibalistic, and otherwise inhospitable Karankawa Indians. For the next 300 years (more than

Critters |
March 31, 1974


Forget your Dallas cowboys and your Houston Astros. Texas’ real champions count birds once a year at freeport. They’re not bird watchers, they’re birders. And therein lies a tail.

Travel & Outdoors |
March 31, 1974

Texas Monthly Reporter

JUSTICE IN EL PASO Southern California mystery writer Ross McDonald in his best book, The Goodby Look, has his world-weary private eye hero Lew Archer lament, “I have a secret passion for mercy . . . but justice is what keeps happening to people.” Richard Wheatley’s justice for filing