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Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Map

By Comments

A kind soul names Chris has placed all of the barbecue joints in Texas Monthlyโ€™s Top 50 list along with the honorable mentions. Use it for your travels. We thank you, Chris.

View Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joints in the World 2013 in a larger map

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  • George T. Harrivel

    The folks at Peete Mesquite told me you sent them a letter that they won “Honorable Mention” So I got your magazine and looked and looked and did not find any honorable mention list. Honorable means something is worth mentioning. Mention means it is mentioned. no mention of the Honorable Mention list in the magazine. are going to list the list in an upcoming issue?
    To say Peete Mesquite BBQ is worthy of Honorable Mention is like saying Texas is a pretty large state and a pretty good place to live. I thin we all would say Texas is very big and the best place to live in the world. Peete Mesquite should be ranked in the top 5 bbq joints in the USA.

    • Chris Tebo

      I think you will find that their list is decent but imperfect. It is very possible to hit a BBQ joint at an off time for instance. I think McBee’s in New Braunfels is quite good, at least top 20 for example. I have found them to be better than the Luling joint as an example. I used to be within driving distance of Luling and I actually prefer the other one in town that they don’t mention ๐Ÿ™‚ So, taste does come into play. For example, I find mustard base sauces to be inferior in general and overpowering to most meats. They like the stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

      When one frequents a place, you get a feel for the average experience. I don’t agree with the Two Brother’s in San Antonio being top 50 at all. Quality has gone down a bit. The sauces are interesting but rely on mustard again. And they use a bit too much mesquite (which I happen to like by the way but it overpowers meats other than brisket too much)

      There is a new joint called the Big Bib in San Antonio too. Haven’t been there but it is getting the highest reviews on Yelp compared to other joints. I also believe they have not been to Texas Pride BBQ which is in the metro area; way better than 2 Brothers in my opinion.

      Hard 8 BBQ isn’t even mentioned on the list. It is much better than the Cooper’s location in New Braunfels as an example (although to be fair, the Llano location is better than this location too)

      You can’t rate a joint by one visit. You also have to have the same meat several times. And you also need to try most if not all of the meats offered. I had a buddy read a BBQ book that he didn’t agree with that much. Turns out the author only ordered 1/8th of a pound of meat when they would give him so little. He also didn’t understand the difference between the deckle and the flat.

      A good joint knows how to master both parts as the flat will dry easily and the deckle needs to be cooked long enough to get the full fat melt. This is why Franklin’s is so good, he has it down ๐Ÿ™‚ He also cooks at a hotter temperature for a while (275 F). This makes the product better than the traditional steady 225 to 235F constant cook IMO.

    • Golf Nut 1957

      Sounds like you have a personal stake in the business?

  • Vinsane38

    Went to Two Bros. On Friday lunch, sausage and Turkey were fantastic. Brisket OK.

    Two hour wait Sunday for La Barbecue since Franklin and meuller were down. Beef rib was insanely moist and had some brisket attached, but I won’t buy it again since by weight it was mostly bone. It was worth the wait.

  • Tomcat

    Had a friend that went to Pecan Lodge. He asked for brisket and they gave him fat with a little bit of meat mixed in. When he brought it to the attention of the guy carving the meat, the guy gave him an attitude. So I’m not sure how they made number 2 on the list. Maybe they had different ownership back in 2013.

  • Asa

    Thought I’d check the list to see where they ranked Underwoods. It wasn’t even on the list. No Inmans, no Rudys, no Viteks, no Cyclone….

    I guess those places didn’t buy their way on the list.
    B.S. list!