Eating Out

Senior editor Patricia Sharpe on the state’s top restaurants. How do you come up with an initial list that you eventually narrow down to the top ten?

Patricia Sharpe: The eating for this story goes on all year. The Texas Monthly restaurant reviewers in the major cities are always on the lookout for me; they’re my—well, not eyes and ears, exactly—I guess you’d say mouths. They know I need places to use for Pat’s Pick, my monthly column that spotlights a new restaurant. And a lot of those eventually end up in Where To Eat Now, of course. I travel at least once a month to Dallas or Houston, sometimes both, less often to San Antonio and Fort Worth. (I’m based in Austin.) And naturally I check the restaurant reviews in the local newspapers. Dotty Griffith in the Dallas Morning News and Alison Cook in the Houston Chronicle are invaluable resources. But I do all my own eating. How difficult was it to pick this year’s top ten best restaurants in the state?

PS: It’s hard every year. I compare it to grading papers—I used to be an English teacher. You know when a restaurant is

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