Alison Cook


Who Says Never Trust a Skinny Chef?

Meet Bruce Auden of San Antonio, the fairest of the Fairmount.

Vote For Me, Por Favor. Now Let’s Eat

Mix election time, South Texas, and barbeque, and you get the pachanga circuit, where politics and barbeque are served with equal reverence.

Eat at Junior’s

Proprietors of some of Texas’ priciest restaurants are spinning off more-economical eateries that are giving the originals a run for their money.

Taco Capital, U.S.A.

You want tacos with carnitas or cactus pads? Beef barbecue or bacon and eggs Come to San Antonio, where tacos aren’t just an afterthought on a Tex-Mex munue—they’re a way of life.

The Great Texas Taco Tour

From El Paso’s ingenious taco trays to Austin’s uplifting breakfast tacos, each Texas city celebrates this noble creation in its own way.

The Fraying Empire of Bobby Sakowitz

Robert Sakowitz set out to be a retail Renaissance man. Like his hero Leonardo da Vinci, he was going to do everything. And he did—including something he never imagined: fail.

What’s the Big Deal About Grills?

Hot, hot, hot! Here’s why grills have become the trendiest of the trendy restaurants in Texas.

The Ten Best and (Groan) The Ten Worst Legislators

We just rate them. You voted for them.

La Reina Diana

By her dedication, her rigor, her almost overwhelming enthusiasm, Diana Kennedy forced a generation of cooks to take Mexican food seriously and jolted Texans into realizing that there is life beyond the combination dinner.

Going Back For Seconds

Can there be too much of a good thing? Five of Texas’ favorite restaurants have duplicated themselves in other cities, and now they’re finding out.

Is This All There Is?

Tales of Houston as it faces life after the boom.

Trashy Business

When Houston’s rich and powerful join forces with environmentalists to battle big corporations, they can be fighting over only one thing. Garbarge.

Shameless Pastries, Mythical Chocolates, Shocking Sorbets

Bearing Gallic sophistication and outrageously delicious desserts, the Lenotre family has taken Dallas and Houston by storm.

The Deluxe Down-and-Dirty Goose Hunt

In which a group of society ladies samples the thrills and chills of an essentially masculine pastime.

The Texas Food Manifesto

Fie on the cilantro fad, greaseless barbecue, and indiscriminate mesquite-grilling. Let’s hear it for Frito pie, catfish plates, and other gems of Texas’ true cuisine