Eddie Guy, Marc Burckhardt, and Gary Cartwright.

Eddie Guy

Eddie Guy

I’d rather watch football than hockey,” says New Jersey–based illustrator Eddie Guy. That quote may not seem noteworthy, except that Guy was born and raised in Canada. He played football in high school, which gave him a particular insight into the controversy surrounding Texas Tech and Mike Leach (“ Head Case ”). “I wanted to show the chaos of the situation with lots of characters,” Guy says. Though he wasn’t initially familiar with the events in Lubbock, it wasn’t long before he formed his own opinion: “If you ask me, this coach got screwed.”

Marc Burckhardt

Marc Burckhardt

My wife is from Corpus Christi,” says Marc Burckhardt, “and she was down there when Selena was murdered. So I was very conscious of the impact the cover would have.” The Austinite found inspiration in Byzantine iconography as he memorialized the Tejano star. He carved out a longleaf pine board, hammered in the gold leaf and metal elements, and painted the image, a process that took several days. The result is a classic cover that pays homage to one of the state’s greatest—and most dearly missed—performers.

Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright

His passion for Gulf oysters began in childhood, but it was Gary Cartwright’s time in Galveston that made him a half shell fanatic. “I’m fond of them because I love the city so much,” says the longtime senior editor, who first visited Galveston for a 1987 texas monthly cover story on financier Shearn Moody Jr. and later returned to write a book on the Island’s history. Since Hurricane Ike hit, Cartwright, who lives in Austin, has followed the struggles of bay oystermen, described in “ Consider the Oyster .” As for the mollusk’s reputation as an aphrodisiac? “I’m firmly convinced of it,” he says.

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