Arro’s Drew Curren Talks About the Long Road to Opening a French Restaurant in Austin

Arro, a French restaurant in downtown Austin, opened in July with executive chef/partner Drew Curren and pastry chef Mary Catherine Curren, his wife, at the helm. Texas Monthly food editor Patricia Sharpe recently spoke with Drew Curren about why he chose to try this cuisine in Austin, his influences, and his love of frog legs.

Patricia Sharpe: Why a French restaurant?

What Is Art?

It was mid-April when Judge Paul Hunt’s office received the first call. The judge was at his desk inside the Presidio County courthouse, a pink stucco building with a mansard roof and cupola that sits at the end of Marfa’s Highland Avenue. His assistant answered the phone. On the line was a young woman from New York, who inquired politely about West Texas’s idiosyncratic building laws. What were the lighting regulations in the area? How might she get approval for new electrical service?

Six Must-Attend Events: October 18-23


The Dome’s Destiny
A November 5 bond vote in Houston could determine the fate of the Astrodome. If the bond passes, the Astrodome, once heralded as the eighth wonder of the world, is likely to be converted into a convention hall, the memories forged there since the Astros’ opening day, in 1965, still somewhat intact. If the bond is defeated, the Astrodome is likely to feel the fury of a wrecking ball.

Jerry Patterson Wants You to Bring Your Guns to the Alamo

I consider myself to be as much a representative of a true Texan as anybody I know, but I have to confess to one shortcoming: I just don't get the gun culture, and I don't think I ever will. That's not to say that I don't like shooting. I was Deadeye Dick at my CHL class, scoring 236 out of a possible 250 with a borrowed Glock. But I don't own a gun and have no plans to get one. I know that the vast majority of gun owners are people just like me, but my experience in my CHL class confirmed once again that there is a small segment of gun enthusists who are some of the most paranoid people I have ever encountered. They are absolutely certain that a government agent will knock on their door at any moment and seize their private arsenal. If someone handed me a flier that declared, "Get your guns & Head to San Antonio," I would probably get in my car and head for Dallas as fast as I could.


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