Diamonds Are Forever


The national pastime may not be our official state sport, but baseball diamonds have been drawn on Texas soil for nearly 150 years. Since the formal creation, in 1888, of the Texas League (one of the oldest baseball circuits in the country), some 101 Texas cities have supported minor league franchises, more than any other state.

The Tire Blowout Will Be Televised

It gets the couch potatoes off the couch,” says Eddie Gossage, the president of Texas Motor Speedway. He is referring to Big Hoss TV, the Fort Worth venue’s 20,633-square-foot HD video screen, which is set to be officially unveiled on April 6, at the annual NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. If Gossage is aware of an irony here—that he’s trying to entice racing fans away from their televisions by luring them to his stadium to gape at a much bigger television—he isn’t letting on. 

¿Viva Terlingua?

It’s an unseasonably warm February afternoon in Terlingua, and the power of the cloudless sky’s white sun reflected off the pale desert dirt is so overwhelming it bleaches the color out of everything it touches. Everything except the jalapeño-red facade of the Chili Pepper Cafe and Michael Drinkard’s lizard-patterned green shirt. 


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