Dallas is not the place.

NO, THAT’S HIGHLAND PARK Hon-Ming Chen, the founder of God’s Salvation Church in Taiwan, and 140 of his followers moved to the Dallas suburb of Garland because they thought it was the site of the original Garden of Eden and it sounded like “God’s Land.”

WHICH STANDS FOR “UNBELIEVABLE, FATUOUS, AND OUTRAGEOUS” Chen prophesied that God would broadcast live on Channel 18 at midnight on March 25 on every television set in the world. Then, on March 31, God would appear at Chen’s house, take the form of Chen, and clone Himself so that He could shake hands with everyone who came to meet Him. Exactly one year later, believers would congregate in Gary, Indiana, to be taken away by God in< UFOs.

AND MICHIGAN SOUNDS LIKE “MISSED AGAIN” When God failed to appear, Chen explained that in fact God is in everyone, prompting his followers to bow repeatedly to news photographers covering the non-appearance. Chen then announced that he and selected followers would leave Garland to await further instructions in Michigan.