Breezeway, Suburbia, and Words of Our Ancients may have been our only pure-pedigree entries in Park City, but other films boasted Lone Star connections. Most notable was director-screenwriter Morgan J. Freeman’s sweet but hard-hitting teenage street drama Hurricane, which won three awards. As they did for Bottle Rocket, fellow Dallas expats L. M. Kit Carson and Cynthia Hargrave served as the film’s executive producers (Carson also acted in it). The other standout was non-Texan William Gazecki’s meticulously researched 165-minute documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement, which uses Branch Davidian home videos, negotiation transcripts, infrared analysis, and press conference fodder to argue that the feds’ clash with David Koresh was incompetent and misguided, if not downright evil. Finally, Dallasite Lisa Loeb even made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it festival appearance, bickering at a soundtrack panel with composer Danny Elfman and screaming on-screen (as an actress, not a singer) for ten seconds in the high school–satanism saga Black Circle Boys.