Cyndy Severson

Feature |
November 1, 1982


Was the partridge in a pear tree you gave last Christmas not fully appreciated? Our sensational gift ideas will save you this year.

Feature |
November 1, 1981

Power Plays

Wait! Don’t buy that gas-slurping motorboat and energy-squandering food processor for Christmas. We modestly propose some thrifty alternatives.

Feature |
February 1, 1981

Total Fabrications

When machine-printed polyester or rayon won’t do, consider the work of Texas’ top textile artists.

Feature |
June 30, 1980

Oh, You Beautiful Mall

Where else but the Galleria can you find a lavender lace Western dress, a Persian turquoise necklace, and Texas’ most expensive potato chips?

Feature |
November 1, 1979

Grand Indulgences

Whether you have $2 to spend or $25,000, our Christmas gist selections show how to have a wonderfully indulgent holiday.