With so much barbecue fluff on television these days, it was nice to see a serious discussion of smoked meat on . . . The Simpsons? The writers obviously did their homework for last night’s episode. Homer bought a smoker shaped from a meteor (that looked a lot like a kamado cooker), and he was careful to differentiate it from a grill. In the episode, Homer’s hickory-smoked pork ribs become immediately popular in the neighborhood, and the situation quickly escalates into a barbecue competition on the fictitious Chew Network.

Everyone can probably guess the result of the “Eat Down” competition (modeled after the Food Network’s Throwdown With Bobby Flay), but the Flay spoof character–named Scotty Boom–and Alton Brown as a judge made for some hilarious lines. Here are the ten best moments, in order of appearance, from the episode.

1. “Mmmm…Smoked meat.” – Homer as he smells barbecue from across the highway.

The Simpsons BBQ 05

2. “A roadside barbecue stand? Everything tastes better when it’s near a road.” – Homer

The Simpsons BBQ 01

3. “Me and my old lady are saving up to live our dream of living further away from our grandchildren.” – The greasy hobo explaining to Homer why he’s willing to sell his smoker.

The Simpsons BBQ 03

4. “It’s not a grill. It’s a smoker that you can grill on.” – Homer describing his new purchase to his family.

The Simpsons BBQ 10

5. “The secret to barbecue is sitting around doing nothing. No wonder I’m great at it.” – Homer

The Simpsons BBQ 09

6. “I suppose this is my last chance to say I love you.” – A rack of pork ribs before Homer puts them on the smoker.

The Simpsons BBQ 14

7. “All that’s left is the smell of hickory and four tiny little wheel prints.” – Homer crying over the spot where his stolen smoker once stood.

The Simpsons BBQ 13

8. “The whole barbecuing scene is pretty pro-meat, and all that smoke pollutes the environment.” – Lisa.

“This isn’t about your boyfriend, the planet.” – Bart’s response.

The Simpsons BBQ 12

9. “Dead meat doesn’t lie.” – Alton Brown as he discovered Scotty Boom cheated in the barbecue competition.

The Simpsons BBQ 18

10. “Bones, bones. I’m covered in death!” – Lisa after being covered by a dumpster’s worth of rib bones.

The Simpsons BBQ 17