The Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee—which last week reported that its polling had found Donald Trump winning more support than Ted Cruz among Texas Republican voters—has released its next batch of polling results. And it looks like bad news for our embattled attorney general, Ken Paxton:

78% of Republicans polled were aware of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s felony indictments relating to securities fraud…

62% said he should resign. Surprisingly over 53% of self identified Tea Party voters agreed that he should resign.

The attorney general’s office is a statewide agency with more than 4,000 employees, all of whom are theoretically tasked with reasonably important work on behalf of the 27 million people of Texas, and only one of whom has been indicted in relation to Paxton’s private legal practice. So it’s hard to disagree with the majority opinion on this question.

And it’s hard not to wonder: what are the other 38 percent of Texas Republicans thinking?