Here are the committee chairs for the 80th Legislature:

Agriculture — Sid Miller. Can’t do too much damage here.
Appropriations — Warren Chisum. As expected.
Border/International Affairs — Tracy King (Craddick D)
Business/Industry — Giddings (Craddick D)
Calendars — Woolley. Vice chair, Nancy Fisher. Includes 4 Craddick Ds (Chavez, Dutton, Guillen, Turner)
Civil Practices — Byron Cook. Talton is on the committee.
Corrections — Madden.
County Affairs — Wayne Smith
Criminal Jurisprudence — Aaron Pena (Craddick D)
Culture/Recreation/Tourism — Hildebran
Defense — Corte
Economic Development — Deshotel (Craddick D). Joe Strauss, who voted for the anti-Craddick ballot procedure in the speakers race, is vice-chair.
Elections — Berman. Watch out for mischief here.
Environment — Bonnen
Financial Institutions — Solomons
General Investigating — Phillips
Government Reform — Callegari. Pitts is vice-chair, a consolation gavel.
Higher Ed — Morrison
House Administration — Goolsby. Gets his chairmanship under Laney back.
Human Resources — Rose (Craddick D)
Insurance — Smithee
Judiciary — Hartnett
Juvenile Justice — Dutton (Craddick D)
Land and Resource Management — Mowery
Law Enforcement — Driver
Licensing — Flores (Craddick D).
Local & Consent Calendars — Howard. Not Donna.
Local Government Ways & Means — Hill
Natural Resources — Puente (Craddick D)
Pensions/Investments — Truitt
Public Ed — Eissler. No surprise.
Public Health — Delisi
Redistricting — Crabb
Regulated Industries — King
Rules & Resolutions — McClendon (Craddick D)
State Affairs — Swinford
Transportation — Krusee
Urban Affairs — Bailey (Craddick D). A much better chairmanship.
Ways & Means — Keffer

Later tonight I’ll do another post on committee membership and retribution.