Mr. Murphy writes: Lozano is a long time contributor to the local GOP – yes GOP.  He is liked by Republicans. His opponent has had little involvement in the party and is virtually unknown.  To the extent he is known, it has something to do with a lawsuit he filed. Lozano’s family are all long time Republicans. This is a district that the GOP won at the Presidential and Gubernatorial level, so if Lozano brings a tiny fraction of his base over, he wins in a walk. This is a presidential year, so the idea that somehow Lozano will motivate hard core Democrats to turn out more than Obama will is quite unlikely. Every election must be taken seriously, but Lozano is in the cat bird seat. * * * * All good information. My source was a longtime Coastal Bend politico who is a good judge of what is going on in Coastal Bend politics. He’s usually right.