As the returns are started to roll in–find updated results here–here are a few quick thoughts:

1. As the race in CD23 begins to take shape, the only competitive Congressional seat from Texas looks be breaking Republican. Challenger Will Hurd is leading Democratic incumbent Pete Gallego 53-44%.

2. In the Texas Senate, the hot race was in SD 10, Wendy Davis’s old seat. That also appears to be breaking R. Konni Burton is leading Democrat Libby Wilis 52-46.

3. As for the major statewide offices, there are no surprises to report: Abbott leads Davis 57-41, Patrick lead Van de Putte 56-41, and so on. At this point Ken Paxton appears to have paid no price for not campaigning.

4. And yes, Prop 1 will pass as easily as the water proposition did last year. It’s almost as if the members should have voted on those investments themselves.