The report comes from KERA in Dallas: DALLAS, TX (KERA) – Scientists reviewing a disputed arson finding that led to the execution of a Texas man are resisting efforts to clear fire investigators of professional misconduct. The scientists on the Texas Forensic Science Commission, meeting Friday in Dallas, said they would like to interview more fire experts about professional standards used by arson investigators in the early 1990s. The commission is balking at approving a report that says fire investigators weren’t at fault in determining that a 1991 house fire that killed three girls in Corsicana was deliberately set. Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted of setting the fire and executed in 2004. Commission Chairman John Bradley, who was appointed last year by Gov. Rick Perry, urged the panel to decide the investigators acted appropriately. * * * * Of course he did. Bradley wants the investigation to be over before the election. He shouldn’t be an advocate (although everyone knows he is one). If the commission wants to do more work, they should be allowed to do so.