I’m out here in the Four Corners area, and there has been some pretty interesting politics going on. In Arizona, Ben Quayle, the thirty-three year old son of the former vice-president, is running for the hotly contested Republican primary in the 3rd district. One publication has already reported that Quayle has never cast a ballot in a municipal election and has voted in only two Republican primaries since first registering to vote in May 1997. A local TV station confronted him over a brochure he put out saying that he intended to raise his family in Arizona. Nothing to criticize there, except that, as the TV station pointed out, he does not have a family; the two children portrayed in the family portrait are his nieces. In New Mexico, where Governor Bill Richardson is term-limited, Liuetenant Governor Diane Denish, who isthe Democratic nominee for governor, has been outted by a Libertarian blog, called The Watchdog, for misusing federal stimulus funds. Not the Obama stimulus funds, but funds from a 2003 stimulus package signed by President Bush. I was just watching the news on TV one night when I heard this campaign ad: “As jobs were lost, Richardson-Denish wasted millions. … Denish even spent federal stimulus funds on campaign Christmas cards.” (She did hire a contract employee to help with Christmas cards but the amount was negligible.) However, her biggest problem is probably Richardson. Denish’s Republican opponent, Susana Martinez, accused her of using $225,000 in federal funds to pay for a driver to shuttle her to meetings. I found another reference that she received $106,500 to hire personal security personnel. Martinez, a district attorney, says that her security detail is a .380 semi-automatic handgun. Denish fired back that Martinez has the worst DUI conviction record in the state. Denish also said Martinez took money from a big Swiftboat contributor. Hmm … could that be our own Bob Perry, who has made some big contributions to Hispanic Republicans in Texas?