From Patrick Isenberg with the Elizabeth Ames Jones campaign:

Here is my response to Eppstein’s poll:

Jeff Wentworth’s pollster released survey results today that are “half true”.  Many people in Senate District 25 do know who Jeff Wentworth is.  What they think of his siding with the Democrats’ biggest contributor by voting against a reform bill supported by all Republican leaders, his 100% rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League, and his long record of ethical lapses, including demanding that a client pay him for passing a bill,* is another matter altogether. In 2010, the Austin American-Statesman’s Politifact gave Wentworth’s pollster, who has his own record of political losses and ethical lapses, a “Half True” for lying about an opponent’s record. This poll falls in the same “Half True” category. [Note to readers: The asterisk refers to a piece by Rick Casey in the San Antonio Express-News in 2002–pb]