When you look at the ocean, it appears to be immutable and everlasting. But it is subject to forces beyond its control. Small changes occur because of the tides. Great changes occur because of tropical storms. So it is with politics. We think we know how it is shaping up, what form it is going to take, but unpredictable events far away can transform it. The terrorist plot to blow up airplanes will completely change the midterm elections, and the big beneficiaries are the Republicans and George W. Bush. I saw Dick Morris on O’Reilly last night, and while most of the interview was a bunch of softballs pitched by O’Reilly so that Morris could bash Democrats and liberals, he made one very telling point: When crises occur, the public remembers why they need a particular president. In Bush’s case, the one thing he has done well is keep this country safe from terrorism since 9/11. A major event has occurred that is going to remind the public that the danger of terrorism continues to exist. That is going to change the dynamic of the election. And there is nothing the Democrats can do about it.