U.S. Representative Mike Conway of Midland says that a corrido written for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was a political ploy on par with Russian hacking in influencing the election. The Republican lawmaker, a one-time business partner of former President George W. Bush, told the Dallas Morning News that Democrats used Mexican entertainers to subvert the election by firing up Hispanic voters in Nevada.

Harry Reid and the Democrats brought in Mexican soap opera stars, singers and entertainers who had immense influence in those communities into Las Vegas, to entertain, get out the vote and so forth,” Conaway told The Dallas Morning News this week. “Those are foreign actors, foreign people, influencing the vote in Nevada. You don’t hear the Democrats screaming and saying one word about that.”

Asked whether he considers that on par with Russian cyber-intrusions that aimed to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Conaway said: “Sure it is, it’s foreign influence. If we’re worried about foreign influence, let’s have the whole story.”

It’s not exactly hidden cameras in hotel rooms or hacked email accounts, but Conway is apparently pretty ticked that Mexican singer Vicente Fernández’s song supporting Clinton. Fernández, who came out of retirement to pen the corrido, joined a post-debate “fiesta” after the third presidential debate. American-born Mexican actress Angélica María and California band Los Tigres del Norte were also in attendance.

Conway went on to credit the performers with playing a major role in Clinton carrying Nevada over President-elect Donald Trump, who is currently facing a firestorm of criticism over whether the Russians tried to influence the U.S. election in his favor.

“It worked really well in Nevada, as you see,” Conaway said, pointing out that Democrats performed strongly in the state on Election Day. “Those folks are monster in the Hispanic community. They hold great sway.”