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Christopher Hooks is a former senior editor at Texas Monthly. Raised in Austin, he has been writing about Texas since 2013, for publications including the Atlantic, Gawker, GQ, Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Texas Observer, and the Washington Post. For Texas Monthly, he has written about redevelopment battles in El Paso; a congressional race in Amarillo; a wet/dry election in Texarkana; a Black Lives Matter rally in Vidor; and a water sommelier in Harlingen. He is probably currently somewhere between those five points.

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Politics & Policy|
December 9, 2019

Who Gets to Live and Die When the State Relies on False Testimony in Death Penalty Cases?

A.P. Merillat helped send at least 15 people to death row. On Wednesday, Travis Runnels will become the third this year to be executed, even though a former prison official calls Merillat’s testimony “bullshit.”

Politics & Policy|
October 29, 2019

What Happens When the Texas Governor Shares the Worst Day of Your Life on Twitter?

As part of his campaign against Austin’s homelessness rules, Greg Abbott tweeted an old video of a non-homeless man having a mental health episode. His attorney says the governor is “retraumatizing” the man and his family.

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