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Promoted Events

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Summer In The Hills

May 28 Kerrville, TX

James Avery Artisan Jewelry announces Summer in the Hills beginning Memorial Day weekend at the flagship store in Kerrville. The summer-long event is a celebration of summer camp, family vacations and making cherished memories with friends in the Texas Hill …


2018 Youth Sailing World Championships

July 14 Corpus Christi, TX

The 48th Edition of the Youth World Sailing Championships will be held in Corpus Christi, Texas July 14-21, 2018. The spectacular event has 276 elite competitors with Olympic aspirations from 66 countries arould the globe. In an effort to protect …


Sensory Friendly Hours presented by Variety

July 29 Austin, TX

Thinkery is committed to providing an accessible and interactive experience for all. During Sensory Friendly Hours, Thinkery extends a special invitation to learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or other special needs to explore Thinkery with their families. A typical …


Texas Optimism Project + SoulCycle Charity Rides

August 17

The Texas Optimism Project proudly presents a series of charity rides with SoulCycle. The Texas Optimism Project is a sponsored initiative between Texas Monthly and Frost Bank. The project aims to inspire optimism through stories of extraordinary Texans and build community …


Thinkery21: Summer Camp

August 23 Austin, TX

Rise ‘n shine for Thinkery21: Summer Camp! Pitch your tent, pack your knapsack and hike on over for an adults-only evening that’ll be s’more fun than you can even imagine. Get ready to relive those days of summer camp—we’re talking …


Messina Hof’s 41st Annual Harvest Festival: Sunset Harvest

August 24 Fredericksburg, TX

Messina Hof Hill Country Winery will host its annual Harvest Festival in Fredericksburg! The event will kick off Friday, August 24th with a blessing of the grapes followed by grape picking and stomping, wine tasting classes, and vineyard cuisine dining. …


Messina Hof’s 41st Annual Harvest Festival: Daytime Harvest

August 25 Fredericksburg, TX

Bring the family out to Messina Hof’s 41st Annual Harvest Festival for a fun-filled day of picking and stomping the very grapes that go into making Messina Hof’s award-winning Port. Stay for the Hill Country Big Kahuna Contest, barrel tasting …


Jack’s Generic Triathlon

August 26 Austin, TX

Jack’s Generic Triathlon was founded by Jack Murray in 2003, at a time when he thought many triathlons had forgotten about the participants. Events had become so focused on getting big sponsors, accommodating pro athletes, and trying to look good …


Hill Country Nights

September 7 Austin, TX

Hill Country Conservancy presents, Hill Country Nights! Hill Country Nights will be held Friday, September 7, at the state-of-the-art Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater in downtown Austin. Hill Country nights is more than just your standard gala …


2018 Harker Heights Food, Wine & Brew Fest

September 8 Harker Heights, TX

The 10th annual Harker Heights Food, Wine & Brew Festival returns with all your favorite wines, craft brews and events, September 8, 2018. Last year’s event included wines from 12 Texas vineyards and 52 Texas craft brews, this year the …