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Best Tacos: Bryan–College Station

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Photographs by Jessica Attie

Barbacoa, Garpez Authentic Mexican Food
Type: Classic Mexican
Rating: 4
Price: $2.50
At first glance, you’d think the main attraction of this Shell station is the shaved-ice shack in the parking lot. Step inside for the real draw. The picadillo and carne guisada tacos are great, but it’s the spiced-up barbacoa you really want. Succulent shredded beef with hints of garlic and cumin fills fluffy handmade flour tortillas. 2601 Harvey Rd, College Station, 979-696-1407. Mon–Sat 7–2.


Machacado, La Familia Taqueria
Type: Breakfast
Rating: 4
Price: $2.50
Yes, there’s a buffet line, but you’ll want to order your tacos à la carte. The shredded carne seca of the machacado melds so harmoniously with the cloudlike scrambled eggs that you can understand why the duo is a Mexican breakfast staple. Wrapped in a homemade flour tortilla and topped with a mellow salsa verde, the combo makes a compelling case that one taco is not enough. 300 N. Texas Ave, Bryan, 979-822-9192. Mon–Sat 6–2, Sun 7–2.



Carne Guisada, Jesse’s Taqueria and Bakery
Type: Classic Mexican
Rating: 4
Price: $4.25
Burrito-size tortillas stay hot in a large Tupperware container as they wait to be filled with tender, well-seasoned carne guisada. The finished taco, tightly rolled in shiny foil, resembles a missile. Be careful unwrapping it later, lest the soupy contents take direct aim at your shirtfront (though even if they do, the mess is worth it). 3310 E. Twenty-ninth, Bryan, 979-485-9841. Mon–Fri 6–2, Sat 6–1.

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  • kimiller

    It’s hard to beat Fuego’s! (108 Poplar St., off Texas Ave)