We are well accustomed to the stir caused by our quinquennial story on the state’s top fifty barbecue joints. Typically, this issue elicits more reader response than any other. Last month’s edition, however, was several orders of magnitude greater than anything previously experienced—the result, no doubt, of our playful declaration of barbecue war on the entire South. Our belligerence was in (mostly) good fun, but it riled the hell out of people nonetheless. “Here in the Carolinas, we try to be gracious,” wrote food author Robert Moss, on the Charleston City Paper’s website. “If Mr. Vaughn or Ms. Sharpe offered us a plate of brisket or beef ribs from Snow’s or the Pecan Lodge, we would accept it graciously and say at the end of the meal, ‘My, that roast beef sure was tasty.’ ” On Esquire.com, Jim Shahin wrote, “[Texas Monthly’s] jingoism hoists newly hired TM Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn on his own petard—he recently called former Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema a ‘cheerleader’ for championing New York City barbecue.” These were but two of the strong reactions to WWQ, as the Texanist dubbed it. More, along with some responses to our list itself, are below.

“How on Earth Could You Idiots Forget _______?!?”

  •  Angelo’s Bar-B-Que, in Fort Worth. —David Boltz, via texasmonthly.com

  • Big Bib BBQ, in San Antonio. —Richard Valdez, via texasmonthly.com

  • Blue Ox BBQ and Pancake Cabin, in Austin.* —Matt Wernli, via texasmonthly.com

  • Branding Iron, in Wichita Falls. —Susan Fetterly Palmore, via texasmonthly.com

  • Cele Store, in Manor. —Jacob Reach, via texasmonthly.com

  • C&J Barbeque, in College Station. —Eric Aguirre, via Twitter

  • Country Tavern, in Kilgore.* —Bobby Richardson, via texasmonthly.com

  • Cowboy’s Bar-Be-Que, in Salado. —Karl Shaw, via texasmonthly.com

  • Danny’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Q, in Athens. —Nancy Eddy, via Facebook

  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, various locations. —Mark Carroll, via texasmonthly.com

  • Famous Dave’s, in Amarillo. —Rock Langston, via Twitter

  • Fitties, in Bastrop. —Chris Winter, via texasmonthly.com

  • Freedmen’s, in Austin. —Cuatro Kowalski, via texasmonthly.com

  • Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q, in Houston.* —Patrick Powers, via email

  • Hard Eight BBQ, in Stephenville. —Gary McCullough, via texasmonthly.com

  • Harmon’s Barbecue, in Cibolo. —Shelly D. Henze, via texasmonthly.com

  • Hickory Stick Bar-B-Q, in Everman. —Daniel Smith, via texasmonthly.com

  • Joe Allen’s Barbecue, in Abilene. —Sherry Duggan, via email

  • Live Oak Barbecue, in Austin. —Koley Porter, via texasmonthly.com

  • Lonestar Barbeque, in Richwood. —Barbara Powell, via texasmonthly.com

  • Mann’s BBQ, in Austin. —Jorge Martinez, via texasmonthly.com

  • Micklethwait Craft Meats, in Austin.* —Mike McKinnon, via texasmonthly.com

  • New Zion Missionary Baptist Church Barbeque, in Huntsville.* —Mike C. Miller, via texasmonthly.com

  • Railhead Smokehouse BBQ, in Fort Worth. —Nick King, via texasmonthly.com

  • Rudy’s “Country Store” and Bar-B-Q, in Leon Springs. —Rebecca Gonzalez Escamilla, via Facebook

  • The Slow Bone, in Dallas. —David Huff, via texasmonthly.com

  • Spyke’s Bar-B-Que, in Kingsland. —Jim Wreyford, via texasmonthly.com

  • Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, in Austin. —Carol Stepp, via texasmonthly.com

  • Swick’s Bar-B-Que, in Groesbeck.* —Rob S. Carney, via Twitter

  • The Swinging Door, in Richmond. —Robert Frank, via email

  • Texas Pit Stop BBQ, in La Marque. —Nikki Garza Burton, via texasmonthly.com

  • Tom & Bingo’s Hickory Pit Bar-B-Q, in Lubbock. —Taylor Morrow, via texasmonthly.com

  • The Woodshed Smokehouse, in Fort Worth. —Anthony Spangler, via texasmonthly.com

*Joints marked with an asterisk appeared on our list of honorable mentions.

Our List Also . . . 

Brought Some Friends Together . . . 

  • @Farky It appears we soon must meet at @bbqfranklin. @tmbbq has spoken. —Steve Bezner, via Twitter

Threatened to Tear Others Apart . . . 

  • @tmbbq @wacofork I apologize for my neighbor, for he knows not what he writes (or eats, apparently). —Lance Martin, via Twitter

Endangered the Lives of Postal Workers . . .

  • If the mailman loses my @tmbbq issue, he’s in a world of hurt. —Bubba, via Twitter

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And Found an Audience With, Perhaps, 
the Greatest Barbecue Lover of Them All

  • In sermon, @DioFW Bishop High mentions Taylor, @LouieMuellerBBQ and @TMBBQ. Readers for @BBQsnob in high places. —Bud Kennedy, via Twitter