The Wine: 
Becker Vineyards, Provencal, Mourvedre 2012  

The Grape:
Mourvedre is a grape varietal that thrives in the Rhone Valley region of France; it also does very well in Texas. It is typically used to produce lush, tannic-style wines that can have gamey, earthy, and soft red fruit flavors. 

Who Likes It:
Jesse Perez, chef and owner of the new Arcade Midtown Kitchen, a modern Americana restaurant located in the historic Pearl Brewery. Arcade opened in February, and top menu picks include pork belly ragu with rictotta cheese and chile-and-lime fried calamari with red chile sauce.

Why He Likes It:
“I really like this wine and look forward to serving it with the warmer weather for our guests. It has a nice crisp bite and showcases a nice winemaking touch for Texas rosé. It’s a great wine for chef’s because it can be paired with light or heavier menu items,” Perez said.

Suggested Pairings:
“The Becker Provencal Mourvedre is a great reception wine for summer parties and or just for a simple sip on the patio,” Perez noted. “It pairs great with our lobster soft taco with sweet potato and poblano cream. It also goes well with spicier items, like our pork and beef meatballs.”

On Down the Road:
Perez had his first taste of a Texas wine more than fifteen years ago, and he is amazed at how the industry has come into its own and continues to pick up so many awards. “It’s impressive that we can produce amazing wines with the heat in this part of the US,” Perez said.

Note From the Winemaker:
Jon Leahy recently joined the Becker Vineyards team as head winemaker following a long career of winemaking in California. The Provencal is one of his first releases with Becker Vineyards.

“I love making rosé and the characteristics in these grapes really comes out in Texas’ warm climate,” Leahy told me. “It’s so floral with subtle fruit notes. Mourvedre makes a beautiful base for a medium bodied wine and this is a great expression of the grape itself. We added a little Grenache and Syrah for a little extra body. It’s got a deceptively sweet nose, but it’s really crisp and dry on the palate.”

This wine is in limited distribution and can be found at some Central Markets and larger HEBs. You can also order it online through Becker Vineyards.