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15 Great Tacos in Houston

Taconazo Veracruz


Veteran Houston taco hunters know that the best place to find taco stands is in or behind vulcanizadores—the “flat-fix” tire shops that dot the traditionally Hispanic neighborhoods north and east of downtown. Whatever symbiotic relationship there is between tires and tacos has produced many great taco outlets, including the Taconazo trailer next door to the Latino Tire Center on Fulton Street. There’s nothing fancy about the menu here: they serve just fajita, barbacoa, lengua, and trompo. Indeed all the taco flavors are excellent, but the lengua (cow’s tongue) makes Taconazo a destination. There’s little room for error when making lengua tacos—anything less than a perfect preparation will often taste too gamey. The excellent lengua here will make even the most conservative eater a cow’s tongue connoisseur. Takeout and cash only, and expect the service to be gruff.
4003 Fulton, (no phone). Open 7 days 9 a.m.–midnight.

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