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Go With the Flow

Blanco River

Pleasant Valley Crossing (Fischer Store Road) to Wayside Drive (County Road 179), Wimberley

Section Pleasant Valley Crossing (Fischer Store Road) to Wayside Drive (County Road 179), Wimberley
Difficulty Moderate
Length and duration 9.5 miles, 3–5 hours
Best bet for parking The river crossings between Fischer Store Road and RR 12 are the most popular section, but spots are limited. There is some space under the bridge at the put-in, though bribing a spouse or friend to wander the shops of Wimberley while you paddle is probably the best idea.
Resources None
Reward yourself Stop in at the Leaning Pear, in Wimberley, for a gourmet sandwich.

Canoeing/Kayaking, Rapids

Two factors make running the Blanco a challenge. The first is that at normal levels it’s too shallow to navigate, so you can go down it only under flood conditions, which is fun but somewhat dangerous (and even then there are big boulders and rock gardens to navigate, as well as one low-water crossing, at G. W. Haschke Lane, about two miles from the start). The second is that while access is not difficult, parking is scarce. But the river is worth the hassle. The Hill Country around Wimberley features sharp hills and steep valleys, including the Devil’s Backbone, off to the south, and I am always surprised by how wild and beautiful this area is. Although there are plenty of gorgeous houses along the river, they pale before the stunning scenery. Watch for the huge limestone stairs covered with cedar and oak. Next time there’s a big rainstorm, go online and check the water flow at Wimberley. If it’s over 250 cubic feet per second, call in sick and head for the Hill Country.

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