There is a better than even chance that Democrat Beto O’Rourke will lose his election contest with Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, but his loyal army of Betomaniacs is having fun along the way and taking the internet by storm. Humor, satire, and even ridicule for a couple of centuries now have been part of the political conversation in America. The amazing thing this year is it all seems to be aimed at Cruz. I searched the internet looking for videos making fun of O’Rourke, and none turned up. Sure, there were a lot of videos criticizing the El Paso congressman for his left-wing positions on issues, but they were all a little bit dour, with that wolf-at-the-door kind of feeling to them. None were funny. They did not make me laugh, and I love to laugh at political humor—no matter which side it skewers.

My colleague Mimi Swartz recently told you about a funny video created by filmmaker Richard Linklater making fun of Cruz on behalf of a Democratic super PAC called Fire Ted Cruz. But you might expect a super PAC backing O’Rourke to do something unusual and funny to make the point.

Now the Betomaniacs-just-want-to-have-fun videos are becoming somewhat spontaneous. Take for instance, this one pulled together by the Austin comedy troupe Esther’s Follies and an Austin film production company.

Now, here’s a challenge to conservative Ted Cruz supporters: Make me laugh, and I’ll share your video with Texas Monthly readers.