This tiny restaurant draws adventurous eaters and Ethiopian expats with its well-seasoned stews, creamy spiced lentils, and garlicky collard greens. Although our server brought forks, we dived into dishes Ethiopian style, using fluffy injera bread to scoop up bites (truth be told, we did more taco folding than scooping). Standouts on the Taste of Ethiopia platter include doro wat (chicken legs simmered in a spicy onion-and-red-pepper sauce), yebeg tibs (tender lamb cooked with jalapeño, onions, and garlic), and kitfo (lean ground beef seasoned with cardamom, spiced butter, and chile pepper). Even if you’re a die-hard carnivore, don’t miss the vegetarian combo platter (who knew pureed legumes could be so varied?). Jangly Ethiopian music videos on a row of TV screens stand in ably for wall art.