Tucked into a shopping center, this small family-owned restaurant has a loyal clientele. Contemporary Asian art, chrome chairs, and blond wood give the space a casual, modern feel, and the menu is traditional, with a bonus: lesser-known dishes from Thailand’s Isan region. Our charming server explained the Isan specials, noting that they’d been prepared with herbs from her grandmother’s garden. Our favorite was the nam khao tod, a curried fried rice and pork dish, served lettuce-wrap-style with mint; the combination of Thai herbs and spices was mesmerizing. Esan sausage, also a winner, featured chunks of grilled herb-kissed pork served with lettuce leaves, along with slivered ginger, lime, red onion, cilantro, peanuts, and red chile. The main menu includes the familiar greatest hits of Thai cuisine, along with some Chinese plates. We enjoyed a delicate egg drop soup and a spicy panang curry. Skip the sticky-rice desserts and order ice cream.