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Dining Guide

Blue Mountain Bistro

Although the Limpia Hotel was built more than a century ago, the food at its restaurant could pass for that of a big-city place. The decor, not so much. Think Grandma’s parlor with more tables. Outside, though, huge trees surround the complex of hotel and restaurant patio, giving welcome shade (even if they hide most of the mountains surrounding Fort Davis). On the menu, a French influence is detected in the beef bourguignonne and steak frites, Spanish in the eggy tortilla and albóndigas, Italian in the caprese salad and veal piccata. A bar serves cocktails and tapas on weekends.


City: Fort Davis


Drinks: Bar

Price: $$$

Rating: ★★★

Address: 101 Memorial Square, Fort Davis, TX, 77077

Hours: D Thur–Tue.

Phone: 432-426-3244

Website: blue-mountain-bistro.com/

Last updated: August 13, 2018