Abandoned post offices across the country should all aspire to as lovely a reincarnation as this light-filled French patio bistro. The force behind Tiny Grocer merged routes with a former Top Chef contestant to create a contemporary brasserie enveloped by a deli counter, coffee bar, and gourmet grocery—all where the mailboxes  at the former Hyde Park Post Office used to sit. Settle into a comfy banquette and lounge with a glass from the carefully curated wine list. The food is fine—the escargot could use a little more garlic, and the sauce verte accompanying the steak a little more herb punch. But the frites are perfect and the potato pom poms—pomme Dauphine if you must be technical—were dreamy with briny accents of smoked trout roe. Our primary objections were to the rubbery premade clafoutis and scads of servers milling around who were not all that attentive.