If you are a fan of the inventive meat cuts that the LeRoy and Lewis crew has  been throwing in their smoker for the past seven years, you may have heard that they have moved to a new brick-and-mortar home in Garrison Park. The bright, smart space on Emerald Forest Drive is filled with light and includes a separate bar, patio, and a lot of giant screens for watching the English Premier League. But not to worry. The less-than-usual meats are still the star. Here, if you order sliced beef, it’s likely to be either chuck tender or flat iron; we found the rosy slices of the former surprisingly refined for barbecue. (Brisket does make an appearance in other preparations). Whole hog–style pork is another specialty, married to a mustardy sauce. We appreciated the accompanying pickled red onions, which served as an elevated palate cleanser. Not into ‘cue? Their beefy Frito pie is delight, even if you require an antacid afterward. Adults in your party can wash it all down with Big Red Sangria, which is the new school/old school mashup we didn’t know we needed. More tart than sweet, it was an antidote to all that delectable but heavy meat. We can’t wait to come back when there’s lamb on the menu. The service is friendly and helpful, and there are tacos and burgers on offer, plus leafy green vegetables and grain bowls on the list of side dishes.