Look up when entering this newly opened, all-day restaurant for a view of the hand-drawn wallpaper depicting martinis and bow-tied garçons—it embodies the spirit of a Toulouse-Lautrec print. Combined with the bouncy tones of a self-playing baby grand piano (manned by musicians on weekend nights), Little Daisy’s aim of bringing Parisian cafe culture to downtown Dallas becomes clear. Executive chef Jeramie Robison comes from Louisiana stock, making him well-aligned to lead the kitchen. Plats du jour shine, one fine example being our stunning smoked duck à l’orange duo (it’s served on Thursdays). We kept switching back and forth between a brawny duck leg in a semisweet citrus sauce and a strip of moist duck breast overlaid with mandarin segments, fennel shavings, and dabs of tart marmalade. On one memorable Saturday, we enlisted a table mate’s help in dispatching puff pastry–encased Wagyu Wellington. Somehow, we also managed to take care of pappardelle Bolognese with fresh pasta and soffritto-laced ragù, both of which garnered zero complaints. Other offerings could use more supervision, such as a dry truffled mac-and-cheese gratin and the too-thick white cheddar grits served with the barbecued shrimp. We will also think twice before ordering the Jidori chicken served with Parisian-style gnocchi, not because of the fowl (the Wagyu of poultry) but because the dumplings (normally feather-light) seemed to be having a bad night.