Tucked into the ground floor of the Frances Modern Inn, this new all-day cafe from the folks at Intero serves better-than-required eats and treats. The cozy look is an extension of the hotel’s granny chic design, with a touch of the current “Mob Wife Aesthetic” (think black fringe on the shades of the light fixtures). There’s an upright piano on the way to the more dimly lit dining room, lending a saloonlike atmosphere; we enjoyed the bustle and light of the bar and front room area. Spaghetti carbonara had the most perfectly al dente pasta we have had in this city, and pillowy moons of cappelletti stuffed with crab were a decadent treat. Gnocchi, sporting shards of crispy lamb and onion, was savory and its seasoning perfectly balanced, unlike the too-salty beef shoulder. Grilled octopus was good if perhaps not noteworthy, but we found the deft touch of citrus in the roasted beets and the lunch-only chicken piccata absolutely on point. A sophisticated use of endive elevated both the beef shoulder and the chicken. Should you be in the mood for breakfast out some day, the Wafflegato, a crisp waffle topped with a scoop of maple gelato and drizzled with espresso butter, is reason enough to drive across town. Bringing all this goodness to you are executive chef Ian Thurwachter (a co-owner of Intero), chef de cuisine Kevin Donovan, and pastry chef Krystal Craig.