The Frankie Flav’z phenom has steadily expanded across the Rio Grande Valley and finally into a new upscale McAllen location on the north side, quite an evolution since its simple beginning in a Harlingen food truck 23 years ago. The eclectic atmosphere with a Lucha Libre flair pairs well with the varied menu, ranging from barbecue and street tacos to 15 specialty burgers (of which they are extremely proud). Do not fear if their burger creations do not satisfy your specific craving, because you can choose from a list of 18 additional toppings and create a masterpiece of your own. We were lazy, though, and opted for El Luchador, with a thick slice of bacon, mountainous grilled onions and bell peppers, and a topping of queso fresco and tangy habanero crema. The crispy fresh-cut fries with chunks of queso fresco and chopped cilantro tasted as good as they looked. The Fried Chicken Melt did not disappoint, either—it featured a crunchy-crusted chicken breast topped with American cheese and bacon and a thick tomato slice on a toasted bun. (Domain Plaza, 1200 W. Auburn; 956-762-0642. Facebook. )