McAllen seems to have a taqueria on every block, but occasionally one of them reminds us that not all tacos are created equal. Go to Semilla Coffee Lab and look for the neon “Tacos” sign. There’ you’ll find the hidden home of Raiz, where Albert and Elyse Vasquez are putting their fine dining backgrounds to good use. These are not run-of-the-mill tacos slapped together for folks on the run, nor are they experiments with bizarre ingredients that signal creativity run amok. They are simply perfectly executed tacos. The process starts with unique fermented-corn tortillas (imagine sourdough tortillas) made to order. The meats are treated with equal care.  Our choice of barbacoa was not soggy or greasy but instead emerged from the smoker pull-apart tender. It was then topped with carefully chopped cilantro and white onion and anointed with a tangy green salsa. Those looking for a vegetarian option should try the Flor de Jamaica, filled with boiled hibiscus petals that have then been toasted and seasoned. We are looking forward to returning to try weekend brunch.