Our day in the museum district got off to a healthy start with a Paleontology bowl, in which poached eggs and crispy bacon cover avocado slices and sweet potato–zucchini hash, with a crunchy topper of toasted pistachios. As gratifying as it is colorful, the acai bowl brings together fuchsia fruit puree with freshly made granola, bananas, fresh coconut shreds, and mixed berries to please every gluten-free vegan desire. We never pass up crispy yuca planks, hot fries perfect for dipping in garlicky herb aioli and an extra side of salsa verde, nor the new beet hummus with herbed flatbread wedges. The basil-infused blood orange brunch cocktail with organic vodka makes imbibing feel virtuous, while the signature lavender lemonade with grilled lemon wedge makes abstaining fun.