Mornings begin with a healthy beet-carrot-cucumber-apple-ginger juice and continue with owner-chef Lanny Lancarte’s scrambled organic eggs with tomato preserves, marinated kale, pickled raisins, and feta atop avocado toast. At brunch, there’s lemon mascarpone, berries, and walnuts gracing the blueberry-banana French toast. Our favorite dinner of late is the rice noodles with tofu, broccoli, zucchini, bean sprouts, and toasted peanuts in a coconut curry, topped by a poached egg and a squeeze of lime, though it’s hard to resist the go-to grilled-salmon tacos, lavished with guacamole and a scattering of fermented cabbage and carrots. Our sweet tooth gets satisfaction with elegant churros, made with a pâte à choux recipe and served with a soft ganache-like dipping chocolate (who can be good all the time?).