As Lubbock continues to grow to the southwest, it is good to have a restaurant like this West Texas and New Mexico fast-casual chain to bridge the gap between quickie drive-throughs and upper-end eateries. We visited the Quaker Avenue location, where we found attention to detail in the decor and a feeling that was comfortable (verging on cozy), plus we could converse without shouting. If the place is famous for one thing it would have to be their giant, perfectly baked spuds. On several visits we have seen families at the big, round tables sharing one or two. (Somehow the chain is able to source the best potatoes—even at that gargantuan size, they actually have flavor and are not simply vehicles for toppings.) Our favorite, the California spud, was a satisfying combination of roasted chicken, avocado, mixed cheeses, alfalfa sprouts, and a zippy ranch-like dressing. On the other hand, we were more than a little disappointed in a recent Mexican spaghetti. It tasted like the kitchen decided to add a can of green chiles to the sauce and just alter the name. Overall, potatoes, wraps, and sandwiches continue to be very good bets. Plus, we were well cared for by the servers and enjoyed the space, which encourages you to slow down and eat together—without breaking the bank.