Despite the thumpity house music overhead and the can-be-frantic Warehouse District location, this outpost of a California-based mini-chain is approachable and pleasant. The interior is done up mostly in soft browns and gold, and the plate-glass front frames a street scene that provides plenty of visual entertainment, especially on the weekends. The menu goes from old to new and back. Once upon a time, the use of serrano peppers with slices of hamachi sashimi bathed in ponzu was novel, but in Texas now, it’s a classic. Still, it was a pleasure. Another preparation of yellowtail came loaded with scallions and rather mild pepper slices and was furthered mellowed by a douse of olive oil. We did quite enjoy the tiny cubes of the restaurant’s signature crispy hanabi rice topped with spicy tuna, and the fresh lemon zest on delicate pieces of salmon nigiri helped make it a perfect morsel. The grilled robata skewers also proved tasty—one held tiny squares of Wagyu beef, another a single diminutive lamb chop—if a bit precious. Other appealing staples—fried chicken chunks and Wagyu-filled gyoza paired with tart kimchi—were deftly prepared. This may not be the restaurant that downtown Austin was missing, but we are glad it’s on the scene.