Dining in the sleek, high-ceilinged main room of this downtown hot spot is always a treat: its modern interior Mexican menu is unique in the city. The rich, smoky flavor of the guajillo-based costeño rojo sauce—served with the fresh tuna aguachile—gave this raw fish dish a beautiful depth. We also loved the mélange of textures in a tostada lavished with avocado, grilled beets, and tangy shishito pepper salpicón. We almost passed on the fish tacos, a seemingly straightforward option, but were thankful we didn’t. Crunchy-edged morsels of tender fish Veracruz-style, fried in a savory batter, arrived atop soft, chewy house-made blue corn tortillas, accessorized with fresh chile slices, cilantro, and lightly pickled onion. Comedor’s cocktails are predictably excellent, but for a low-alcohol evening, try the tart and vibrant Secret Garden mocktail made with coconut water, lime, mint, and Seedlip Garden nonalcoholic liquor.