First opened in 1998 (but closed since 2013), this beloved old-school eatery made a triumphant return to the culinary scene in January, taking over the space once occupied by Old Thousand on Burnet Road in Central Austin’s Brentwood neighborhood. The revival has reignited locals’ passion for timeless Chinese American dishes, with inviting aromas setting the stage as soon as you walk into the pleasingly  simple new dining room. The crab rangoon makes an irresistible starter, each crispy fried wonton pocket revealing a savory cream cheese filling. The Firecracker Shrimp is another standout, marrying succulent shellfish with sautéed onions and satisfyingly crunchy water chestnuts, all enveloped in a (very) sweet and spicy hot chile sauce. And then there’s sesame chicken, with each tender morsel coated in a  sweet and savory brown sauce complemented by toasted sesame seeds. This dish in particular left a lasting impression on a young first-timer at our table, showcasing Suzi’s ability to create a new generation of followers. Finally, there’s the ritual of cracking open a fortune cookie in search of an auspicious message—but the return of this favorite is promising enough for its fans.